Roof Cleaning Fayetteville NC

Save your roof from an invasion… Not to mention an eyesore!

There are two reasons that you should clean your roof: First, as a preventative measure, and second, as a repair. If you are noticing black streaks taking hold on your roof, then it’s important to schedule an appointment with Pressure Kleen Power Washing Services as soon as possible.

What Stains Mean for Your Roof

Have you noticed big, black stains taking shape across your roof? That discoloration actually belongs to a cyanobacterial fungus that abounds in balmy, humid climates. It thrives in the South, where the weather provides perfect conditions for it to grow.

These stains aren’t merely an eyesore. They flourish by consuming the limestone filler that is common on most roofing, which degrades shingles at an accelerated rate. Many homeowners will also find that these stains disrupt their roof’s heat transfer, which makes interiors hotter and necessitates more action from air conditioning units.

Why You Should Invest in a Cleaning

It’s important to attend to your roof as soon as possible in order to safeguard the longevity of your home and boost its aesthetic appeal. What’s more, recently, insurance companies have been increasing policies due to these black stains. Protect your home and your insurance premium by calling Pressure Kleen!

What We Do

We will clean your roofing with a no-pressure method to ensure that your problem is solved without long-term damage to your home. Pressure washing can cut your roof’s lifespan by up to a decade, which is why we only stick with a gentle, non-invasive ARMA-approved cleaning process. We stand behind our work: Experience fantastic results and a two-year guarantee with Pressure Kleen Power Washing Services today.

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