Concrete & Driveway Cleaning Fayetteville NC

Give your property the facelift it deserves!

Is it time to reinvigorate your home or business? Concrete cleaning one of the best ways to achieve maximized results at a minimized cost. These surface areas tend to slide under the radar, and we don’t appreciate just what an eyesore they are until they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. Let Pressure Kleen Power Washing Services show you what the difference looks like today!

How We Can Help Your Home

Is your driveway plagued with oil stains and spilled chemicals from that failed DIY project? Has dirt become so packed into the surface that you can’t even recognize what is concrete and what

Pressure Kleen will treat the affected area with our hot water cleaning equipment, which effectively removes everything from grease to oil to rust to gum. In doing so, we aren’t just augmenting your property’s curb appeal; we’re also ensuring that your children have a safe place to play, and that your family won’t track these chemical substances into the home. We can offer you both peace of mind and a stunning home. Consider it a two-for-one!

How We Can Transform Your Commercial Property

First impressions count. And driveways, parking lots, and sidewalks that are stained instantly make a space look careworn and dilapidated. Combat this with the help of Pressure Kleen Power Washing Services!

Our hot and high-pressure technique will effectively remove oil and fuel stains, in addition to grease streaks, chewing gum, and other eyesores. We appreciate that you want your shining first impression to last throughout the calendar year, which is why we offer a flexible maintenance schedule that suits the needs of your business. Call today to learn more about our services!