Commercial Pressure Washing

A good first impression is what often makes the difference between a paying customer and a passersby. Secure your business’s curb appeal today and put your best foot forward with Pressure Kleen Power Washing Services!

Why We Stand Out

Your business keeps you busy, and you don’t have time for a service that is anything less than perfect. That’s why Pressure Kleen Power Washing Services sticks with a hot water cleaning technique that effectively removes gum, oil, dirt, antifreeze, and a broad spectrum of other substances. We believe that you should always get the best results the first time around… Experience the difference with Pressure Kleen.

Where We Make A Difference

There is no formulaic Pressure Kleen customer, and we are proud to serve a range of businesses and commercial ventures. Below, we have shared a few common projects where our pressure washing services work their magic. Get in touch to get the wheels rolling on your project today!

  • Commercial Buildings can take a beating from foot traffic and a steady flow of visitors. We are proud to transform structures up to five stories tall, ensuring that your business can shine from the outside looking in.
  • Convenience Stores and Fast Food Restaurants often have cars and people coming in and out throughout the day, tracking everything from dirt to oil to grease. When these chemicals accumulate on a concrete surface, they become more than an eyesore: They’re a liability. Eliminate the risk today.
  • Restaurant owners appreciate that when it comes to cleanliness, there’s no cutting corners. This can prove to be a challenge when customers are coming in and out throughout the day… But Pressure Keen is proud to offer solutions to eateries big and small.